Anthony McCall - Face to Face
Face to Face

Anthony McCall

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Anthony McCall (London 1946) is seen as one of the main representatives of the avant-garde movements in the visual arts and the cinema of the 1970s. McCall’s work explores the most fundamental elements of cinema: light and projection. Since the early 1970s, he has produced a remarkable body of work ranging from drawings to performance art and large-scale light projection installations or ‘solid light films’. McCall’s solid light films inhabit the twilight zone between film and the visual arts, a key focal area of EYE’s exhibition policy. These sculptural light projections are at once minimalist in form and magical in effect, theoretical in essence and visceral when experienced.

This book contains an interview with the artist by curator Maxa Zoller, an essay by art critic Luke Smythe, and reflections on his work by Anthony McCall himself. These are accompanied by a wide-ranging selection of reproductions of his large-scale light projection installations and drawings. The result is a rich and nuanced picture of McCall’s intriguing oeuvre.

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